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We are a Team of entrepreneurs who share a simple vision: To turn our creativity into innovative products and services that people truly enjoy. Our team is a unique mix of people from various professional backgrounds. Some are experienced creatives – directors, writers and designers. Others are engineers, producers or business managers. Together we operate as a multidisciplinary think tank. We believe in relinking creativity with business strategy. We express innovation and creativity not only in our products, but also in the production process and in marketing.




Lady’s and Gentlemen, we are very proud to present to you our first project. We hope you enjoy it nearly as much as we do. It’s an item, designed to make you smile.
We built it, so you can express your joy and passion in a raw and unfiltered way. We want to encourage you to be happy, loud and unapologetic about your will to party.

Get ready for ...


die trötenkrone

There is a time and place to party. And now there is also a hat to party. Here it is: your chance to stick out of the ordinary. If you enjoy expressing your passion for everyone to see and hear, then this great little gadget might be perfect for you. Without further ado, click here and experience Die TRÖTENKRONE.

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Get the golden party blower crown for as little as €9.99!




We’re not NIKE. But then, you’re not Michael Jordan. If you are a real person looking for cool stuff, you should check out our LAPALOMA WEAR clothing collection.  

The brand LAPALOMA stands for fun, freedom and creativity – and so can you! We produce high quality clothes that look fresh and support your everyday lifestyle.
Join the movement with our latest collection of LAPALOMA fashion apparel.

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